Going solar is like being a modern-day superhero

You get to save money while saving our planet…awesome.

    So you’re thinking about going solar…

    You need answers but you don’t like pushy sales people. We get it. Many businesses in the solar industry like to close deals by pressuring potential clients. We like to keep things a little friendlier.

    We’ll help you gain all the information you need to make the smartest choice – the choice that’s right for you, now and for years to come. We get the job done at a fraction of the time it takes our larger competitors, with the attention-to-detail of a master craftsperson.

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    Recent Solar Installations

    Solar Made Simple
    Switching to solar shouldn’t leave you with a headache. Let us ease the process and handle the details, from plans and permits to PG&E interconnection. We’ll take care of your entire solar project – with no hidden fees or delays.

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    0% Down - Fact or Fiction?
    Earth Electric believes in educating customers on the various solar installation financing options. We do solar, not financing, so you can trust that our explanations contain no gimmicks or hidden fees.

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    Shining Customer Service
    We want our next raving review to be from you! Nothing makes us happier than having customers who feel warm and fuzzy about their experience with us. And not just before you sign the contract but all through the install process and far beyond.

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    Success Story

    “From the day I called to say I was interested to the project being 100% complete, inspected, approved and powered on: 22 days! I was floored..”

    Solar Savvy
    Begin your journey to solar energy enlightenment. Get the scoop, find facts, popular queries answered.


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    Here to Help
    Get the answers to understand your individual needs or to receive a free quote. Contact us today.

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    Rescue your friends and neighbors from their jealousy issues and share the benefits of saving with solar. Earn $500 for each referral who goes solar with Earth Electric!

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