Solar Installation

Where Do I Start?

There’s lots of information out there about solar installation and you may just feel like you’re on a “solarcoaster”. We make going solar easy. First and foremost we educate you on solar panel, inverter and battery options and share our extensive knowledge and experience. Friendly, like.

Everyone is talking about home battery storage but is it the right solution for you? We’ll share what we know in a transparent way so you have the latest information that will help you make the right financial decision and plan for the future.

We use industry software to calculate your system size, savings and initial design but always complete a site survey with a real solar expert to make sure you get the best possible system for you. Plus we get to say hi and shake your hand in the process.

You won’t find a cookie cutter at Earth Electric because every customer, every roof and every design is as individual as you are. Our extensive experience allows us to maximize every roof – we won’t install on the “easiest” roof if the more difficult roof will give you better energy production. And yes, we do metal shingle roofs and install electric vehicle receptacles.

Then we take care of all the details: solar design, plans, permitting, construction, and system monitoring services. And we quickly handle all the pesky PG&E interconnection paperwork for you at the end. We don’t do surprises, and you won’t find any hidden costs when you work with us. All this is included in the price.

And when we’re done, you become the newest member of the Earth Electric family. That’s how we like to do it.

Some Of Our Favorite Panels:

Hyundai Energy

Our Favorite Inverters:

SolarEdge Inverter
with DC Optimizers
Enphase Energy

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