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Dear Fellow Solar Enthusiasts,

There is a potential threat to the future of solar in California.

Please sign the petition and share, share, share.

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Earth Electric believes you have the right to make energy from the sun without unreasonable interference from PG&E.

Unfortunately, PG&E and other utilities are spending millions to make it harder and more expensive for Californians to choose solar. 

Specifically, the utilities are lobbying the CA Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to gut net metering. That’s the credit you get for sharing your extra solar energy with your neighbors. The utilities never liked net metering, and are now going all-out to get rid of it for future solar users.

As a solar owner, you have joined over one million other Californians who have chosen the independence and savings of solar. I hope you will take a moment now to join this fight to defend the right to make solar energy – yours, mine and our neighbors’. 

Earth Electric has partnered with the Solar Rights Alliance, to make it easy for you to make your voice heard. Please use the link below to send a message to the Governor.

Tell Governor Newsom and the CPUC: stand up to the utility attack on solar

Thank you for helping,

Sheryl Lane

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