Sunnyvale Solar System

Earth Electric installed this 15.18 kW roof-mounted system in Sunnyvale, CA in September, 2017.

This customer had an older solar system that no longer met their needs, so we designed a new system for them. We removed the old system and installed the new one with 46 LG 330 Watt solar panels and a SolarEdge 11.4kW inverter with 400W optimizers.

This system is much larger and more efficient than the one it replaced, and will cover the 100% of the homeowners’ electricity usage. Bye-bye PG&E bill!

“After carefully researching solar companies in our area, we met with Earth Electric. They were knowledgeable and personable, and answered all our questions. We decided to work with them, and we couldn’t be happier.” -Sunnyvale Homeowner, EB